General Terms and Conditions

1. Validity of the Terms and Conditions

The entire activity of the project is mediated by the private company Yakimovich&Yakimovich ( hereinafter referred to as the Company.

The present general terms and conditions (GTC) apply to all orders placed on the website of the Company. The decisive factor for determining the version of the GTC published on the website of the Company is the time of the order.

GTC are subject to changes at any time. In addition, the relevant points of the Swiss Code of Obligations applies to all the activity of the Company unless regulations are contained in the GTC.

2. Ordering Process and Product design

The ​​order of the design products of the Company is carried out by filling out and sending (via mail or E-mail) of the order form the Company.

The Company confirms acceptance of the order by e-mail to the customer. Only with this acceptance of a contract is expressed.

The Company creates design-concept along with a quote for the design-concept according to our price list. The quote is sent to the customer by e-mail together with the "preview" version of the design-concept.

3. Payment Terms and Cancellation

If the customer is satisfied with the design-concept he pays the fee in accordance with the quote.

If the customer would like the design-concept to be re-worked further he pays the fee for the design-concept according to the quote and further working hours according to our price list by hour.

If the customer would like to cancel the contract upon receiving the design-concept “preview” he is charged the design-concept development costs.

4. Design Product Delivery

All of the design products are delivered to the Customer through the email communication. Upon receiving the payment of the fee, the design product is delivered the customer by email in the form of electronic file of "Adobe Illustrator" format (.ai Version "CS5" or above), which contains the design product in a vector graphic format.

5. Fees

The fee is based on our price list, which is valid at the time of the offer. The approaches and calculated in offers total prices are net prices exclusive of VAT.

Basis for an offer are always the detailed information received by the client.

6.Terms and Copyright

The customer expressly acknowledges that the intellectual property, in particular copyright on all of the collaborative efforts of the the Company and the customer created as results of designing services, remains with us. With the payment of the fee, the customer acquires an unlimited right of use. By the right of use we understand the use of the product itself as well as the adaptation for other applications.

The customer agrees for his name to be mentioned in our own promotions or published in the press. In addition, we are entitled to present and describe the design products developed by us on our own website. We are entitled to make use of the design products designed by us for the customer on print-outs in any amount and use for the purpose of self-promotion.

7. Warranty and complaints guaranteed to deliver their product in perfect quality according to our quality control. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of our product design, you can report the defects in writing within 7 days of delivery. Complaints about services of third parties are not our responsibility.

8. Privacy

Any personal information provided by the customer will be kept strictly confidential and used only by the Company itself. However, the Company bears no liability for the security of data transferred via the Internet. The transfer of the data is not encrypted.

9. Law and Jurisdiction

All contracts concluded via the website of the Company are subject to Swiss law. When ordering by individuals for private use, the jurisdiction depends on the jurisdiction law. In all other cases, Zurich is the exclusive jurisdiction.




copyright © 2013 QRtag team

copyright © 2013 QRtag team