QRtag.ch is a young Zurich based start-up project offering a fresh solution linking off-line and online advertisement in a stylish and reliable way. We leverage on the accessibility of mobile technologies making your link attractive and available. Our product is unique customized QR-codes professionally designed and aimed at luxury and creative advertisement of Your brand. 

Our competitive advantage is the unique, individual and creative professional design combined with know-how based quality control algorithms, which ensure the high readability of the codes we produce. 

Our mission is to make Your link attractive. 

Our aims are further research and development of the designer QR-code based know-how and techniques, as well as search for customers and partners passionate about getting more from the QR-codes technology. 

Our philosophy is combining high-tech solutions in the field of advertisement and design with traditional Swiss quality. 

If you are interested in our product, partnership or have any questions, please contact us using contact form or send us an email and we will get back to you immediately to discuss the details.

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copyright © 2013 QRtag team

copyright © 2013 QRtag team